Business Overview

The NTT Urban Solutions Group will work to contribute to solving social issues by offering new urban solutions unique to the NTT Group, not limited to conventional real estate development.

Given such a direction, NTT UD REIT Investment Corporation and NTT UD Private REIT Inc. will endeavor to maintain and enhance earnings over a medium to long term and expand their asset size, as well as contribute to the new urban solutions of the NTT Group, through further strengthening of ties with NTT UD.

Positioning of REIT Business

Partial excerpt from the NTT Urban Solutions Group Medium-Term Vision: Road to 2030* (announced on May 10, 2019)

Not limited to conventional real estate development business, we aim to be a leading company in the urban development business that contributes to solving regional challenges and realizing unique local communities by compounding ICT, energy infrastructure and more.

  • Milestones for medium- to long-term growth
    • Aim for around 600 billion yen in revenue in 2025
    • Invest 1-1.5 trillion yen in growth from FY2019-25
    • Double revenue from FY2018 (to around 300 billion yen) through priority measures (in priority domains) such as promoting urban development projects and enhancing management services
  • Invest in growth while maintaining and increasing asset efficiency by rapidly recovering investment capital and collaborating with local companies and governments in urban development through group finance and fund schemes
  • Build an efficient project management structure by stepping up cooperation between NTT UD and NTT Facilities and digitalizing operations, and enhance human resources in the urban development business
  • As a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Urban Solutions, NTT UD pursues its business based on the above Medium-Term Vision.